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Tree of Life Films & Photography is made up of Tom and Jennifer, a passionate husband & wife wedding cinematographer and photographer team headquartered just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We handcraft unique, authentic, and creative wedding stories of awesome couples locally and destinations around the country. 

New York wedding Photographer & Cinematographer

We just received our wedding highlight video and it was absolutely extraordinary. Beyond anything we could have ever hoped for! The music they selected was wonderful, the aesthetic of the film vintage, but also modern, and we just could not be happier with the final product. Tom and Jennifer were such a pleasure to work with-They made you feel like lifelong friends and you just knew that they would do everything perfectly.

Kristin & Joey

Alicia & Alex Wedding

Tom & Jennifer are absolutely amazing. I did a lot of research before hiring Tree of Life Films, watched wedding video after wedding video and nothing even compared to their films. And then the end product...words can not describe how perfect our film came out. My eyes fill with tears every time I watch it. Friends & Family, even people I barely know, have cried watching our video. It was as if I was reliving the day...they captured our Wedding Day in the most perfect way possible. They exceeded my expectations and my husband and I could not be happier with Tree of Life Films.

Alicia & Alex

New York Philadelphia wedding Cinematography & Photography

We honestly can't thank them enough for creating a beautiful film that fully captured the intimacy of our ceremony, energy of our reception, excitement of our guests and love of our relationship. They exceeded our expectations beyond belief and while we were always confident videography would be a worthwhile investment for our wedding, they made it a fact. My husband and I could not be happier about our decision to reel in other wedding costs to invest in Tree of Life’s artistic time capsule that will be with us forever.

Joann & Chris

New York Philadelphia wedding Cinematography & Photography

We can't thank Tom and Jennifer enough for their amazing talent in creating us a way to relive our wedding day for the years to come. If you are like my husband and I, and aren't sure if you want to hire a videographer, I can safely say that hiring Tree of Life was the best investment we made for our wedding. We very highly recommend Tree of Life Films! They are one of a kind :)

Maria & Dan

Philadelphia wedding Photographer & Cinematographer

Tom and Jennifer are wonderful filmmakers- they go beyond standard wedding video tropes to a truly artistic and professional film level. We loved their friendly approach to get a feel for our personalities and story which truly added a personal touch. Highly professional and highly recommended.

Marissa & Dylan

Philadelphia wedding Photographer & Cinematographer

LOVE LOVE LOVE TOM & JENNIFER! They are the superheroes that come in and literally stop time. I was obsessed with our highlight film and so glad that they know my and my now husband's personality. They were able to make it upbeat, fun, quirky and relatable to the both of us. They are sincerely a pleasure to work with.

Suzie & Mike

New York Philadelphia wedding Cinematography & Photography

Tom and Jennifer know what they're doing. We wanted someone who could capture both the intimacy and the grandeur of our day through a cinematic story, and Tom and Jennifer delivered in spades. We can't tell you how many people saw just our highlight film and wrote back to us along the lines of "Holy @#$%, that was the most amazing wedding video I've ever seen.

Tom & Grace

Destination wedding Cinematography & Photography

I can offer no higher recommendation. Words cannot due justice to express how honored Yanna and I were to have Tom and Jenn at our wedding to capture our special day. When you ask "Tree of Life Films" to do your wedding, not only will you get the most unbelievable wedding memories, you will also get two people, Tom and Jenn, who truly care about you, your needs and your special day.

Yanna & Tim