Eco – Friendly

We love nature hence our tree logo 🙂 Loving the earth also means having responsibility to help preserve its natural beauty. One important way to do this is by reducing our carbon footprint. Our business is not only providing wedding films and photos, but it is also representative of who we are. We are very eco-friendly in our personal lives and with our business too! Here are a few things we do in order to be a green company:

We use recycled, eco-friendly dvd packaging, wedding albums and business cards from Loktah and Cards of Wood.

  • We offer an “e-contract” with digital signatures and no use of paper! Just ask and we will send you directions
  • If we do use paper, we use 100% recycled paper
  • We use rechargeable batteries for our equipment
  • We make sure we power down our equipment when not in use

Below is our eco-friendly DVD packaging:

Tree of Life DVD packaging