How do we book Tree of Life for our wedding? Can you hold our date?

We like to get to know you! We always like to setup a phone call, Skype or in person meeting before booking. We want to hear all about you two and your wedding and also tell you more about ourselves and our creative process. If you find yourself super excited to have us be a part of your wedding, then we can send you out an agreement.

We work on a first come, first serve basis. In order to reserve your date, we require a signed contract and a 50% retainer. Then your date is booked with us! The remaining 50% balance is due 30 days before your wedding date.

Can we meet you?

Yes, of course! We would love to meet you! We’re there for one of the most special days of your lives and it’s important for us not to be strangers 🙂 Whether we meet in person or Skype, it’s great to chat and get to know one another. We would love to hear all about you both!

How long have you been doing this for? How many weddings have you shot?

We were so inspired by our own wedding photos and film that we opened up our business right after we got married. Our backgrounds are in photography, filmmaking, design and fine art so it was a relatively smooth transition into the wedding world. We started our company in 2011 and we’ve been a part of over 100 weddings. And we’re having a blast every step of the way!

What types of collections do you offer? How much is the investment?

We offer photography and cinematography services. Our most popular is our photography/cinematography combined collection.

Feel free to inquire about which services you are interested in and we can send you pricing information for our collections and additions.

We are interested in the Photography/Cinematography Package. How do you cover everything if there are just two of you? Do you both photograph and film at the same time? Do we need to add second shooters?

We have 5 arms! haha! Just kidding, although that would be convenient. ha!

Our Photography/Cinematography collection is our most popular collection. Jennifer captures photos all day while Tom shoots video. We’ve been doing this for a while now so we have a pretty solid system down. With just the two of us, our couples feel more comfortable during their portraits without having so many cameras on them. It’s more intimate and allows us to capture more genuine moments. Plus, it allows us to blend into the background more, so it feels more like we are guests with cameras, rather than the paparazzi!

One of the things we do is create your wedding day schedule with you leading up to your ceremony time. We’ll work with you on choosing the best ceremony time based on the sunset time that day. Natural light is our good friend on your big day, so we’re always aware of how much light we have throughout the year.

We include 10 hours of coverage in our Photography/Cinematography collection so we can start early with your dress/shoes/jewelry details as well as shots of your venue/property. Then we’ll cover each of you getting ready. We’ll start with one of you getting dressed, shooting side by side, the we’ll both cover your soon to be spouse, again shooting side by side. This way you will have photo and video of both of you getting ready.

After that, everything else happens at the same time, so we are shooting side by side from your first look to your ceremony and all the way through to your reception.

One of the most important things is that we schedule a 1 hour couple portrait session on your wedding day. This is where we will capture you two having fun together all throughout the property in the areas where the natural light is most beautiful. We both choose the same locations and we work with our couples the same way for both photo and video so we are able to get exactly what we want at the same time.

Jennifer shoots with 2 cameras. strapped to her shoulders. She’s like a wild west ninja! This way she is able to catch a variety of moments and angles with her favorite lenses in the blink of an eye. Tom shoots video with multiple lenses so he is able to get the variety of coverage needed for when we edit your film. Our 1 hour portrait session also allows us the time to get the variety that we need for optimum coverage.

During your ceremony and main events, we setup a tripod for an additional video camera angle. This allows Tom to move freely to get the best angles for your Highlight Film, while the stationary camera records the full event. this is especially useful if you decide to add on the Documentary Film.

We offer an option to add additional photographers and cinematographers if you prefer. We would be happy to send you some complete wedding photo galleries as well as a sample of a Documentary Film to give you an idea of what our complete single shooter coverage looks like.

Should we wait for the ceremony to see one another, or should we do a first look?

We understand that some couples like the tradition of waiting until the ceremony to see each other at the ceremony. Sometimes couples feel that it won’t be as emotional during the ceremony if they see each other beforehand. We have covered a handful of weddings where there is not a first look. Based on our experience, we highly recommend doing a first look. This allows to do all of the couple’s portraits, bridal party and family photos before the ceremony. By capturing all of the photos and video ahead of the ceremony, it eliminates stress about running late and it gives everyone more time to party and enjoy having fun with one another after the ceremony. And another bonus is that you get to spend the majority of your wedding day together!

The moments immediately following the ceremony are simply amazing! There is such a huge rush of positive energy. Everyone is super excited and filled with absolute joy. Your closest family and friends will be hugging and congratulating you. There will be tears! It is such a great time, we find that most of our couples want to celebrate with all of their guests and just experience the moment. The bridal party and family are also excited to start partying with everyone during cocktail hour. Tasty food is flying around and drinks are flowing! It’s always a buzz kill to pull everyone aside immediately after the ceremony and have them line up for pictures for a full hour. Nobody wants to do it! haha!

It also limits the amount of photography and cinematography coverage that you will receive. We recommend 1 hour for couple’s portraits. Beginning with your first look, you have special moments together before we begin your portrait session. Having this time allows us to explore the grounds and capture genuine moments between the two of you in the most beautiful natural light and settings that we have available to us. We budget an additional hour for bridal party and family photos. That’s 2 hours of portraits, which is impossible to cover during cocktail hour. Also, during cocktail hour we are usually breaking down our gear from the ceremony location and setting up for the reception as well as taking detail photos/video of your reception space. Also, sometimes our couples need some time after the ceremony for additional extended family photos. We want to give you the most amazing photos and video that we are capable of creating all while you are having the most stress-free and exciting time on your wedding day so that’s why we only offer our photography/cinematography package with couples that are planning a first look.

Who chooses the music in our film?

Choosing the song for your film is one of the most important aspects of our creative process. We license all of our music for our films from a handful of amazing music sites with talented indie artists.

After getting to know you, experiencing your day and going through your footage, we set out to find the song that captures you as a couple and best represents the feel of your wedding day. What’s great about this is that you have a unique song that has no other feelings associated with it and is ultimately timeless. We invite you to check out our portfolio of films to get a sense of the music we choose for our couples.

Do you include audio in our Cinematic Wedding Film?

We find that we are able to create the most emotional impact without any words being said. We do not include toasts or monologues from officiants in our Cinematic Wedding Films. We are drawn to making our films feel more like a flutter of magical memories.

Everyone’s vows are unique and beautiful! We always record them and sometimes we use parts of them if we feel that they compliment your film. We come to this decision by seeing how they pair with your visuals as well as the song that we choose. Most of our films are most impactful without any words. We invite you to check out the films in our portfolio as well as our Vimeo page to give you an idea of how we work without audio, and focus on your visuals paired with music.

We do offer a Documentary Film as an addition which includes a full cut of your vows between one another. Feel free to hit us up to check out a sample.

We love this particular video on your site! Can you make ours just like that one?

Thank you so much! We are so happy that you like that film! Unfortunately, we cannot make yours just like that one 🙁 But, we can offer you something even better. Your own unique film!

The only way that we were able to create that film that you love is because we went into it with a completely fresh start, as we do with each and every one of our couples. Every couple and wedding is unique and beautiful in their very own way. We are inspired by you as a couple…how you are together, what your interests are, the atmosphere of your wedding day, the vibe of your family and friends.

We never know how this will all play out until we experience it first hand. We create your film based on how all of this comes together. The main influence is how you are as a couple. If you are fun and crazy on your wedding day, then most likely you will have a fun and crazy wedding film. If you are laid back and romantic on your wedding day, then your film will most likely be laid back and romantic. If you are a combo of both, then we’ll find a way to express all of that in there. And if you are something totally different, then you’ll get that!

We ask our couples to totally trust us from a creative standpoint in that we will use our judgment as filmmakers to create a film that reflects your very own unique personalities. Please check out a bunch of our films in our portfolio as well as on our Vimeo page to get an idea of all of the unique personalities that our couples have.

What goes into making our Highlight Film?

After experiencing your wedding day, we watch through your footage and select the very best of the best moments from each event of the day. The next important part is to select the song for your film. On average, it takes up to a day to find the right one that fits your footage perfectly.

Once we have the song, we are ready to put your story together. This involves placing different shots together to create a flow that works with the music and invokes emotion. Sometimes, we edit your song as we go, pairing the visual shifts with the the peaks and valleys in the song to create a stronger emotional impact.

After assembling the first cut, we watch it over and over while making minor tweaks. When we can watch it straight through and get totally lost in it, while feeling emotionally moved, then we know it’s ready for the next step!

Now your film is off to the color grading process. Every single shot is color graded to match each other so your film has a seamless look throughout. We select certain shots to make black and white and others to give a Super 8 style effect. After the color grading process is complete, we add different film grain stocks and light leak transitions.

We work as fast as we can without ever compromising on quality. The entire process usually takes us on average 6 full days to complete once we begin going through your footage. Sometimes it takes longer because we don’t stop until we feel absolutely amazing about it!

What is the difference between the Cinematic Wedding Film and the Documentary Film?

Cinematic Wedding Film
The Cinematic Wedding Film is a 3 to 5 minute film that captures all of the very best moments of your day edited into your unique story. Your film is creatively edited to a song that best fits you as a couple and reflects the feel of the wedding day.  It’s super fun to watch over and over again and share with family and friends online and mobile devices. You can see samples of these in our portfolio and view over 100 of them on our Vimeo page.
Documentary Film
Documentary Film usually ranges between 30-60 minutes, depending on events of your wedding day, and is broken up into 3 sections:
Prep & Portraits
Prep and Portraits:
Since only the very best of the best moments make it into your Cinematic Film, we still have lots of wonderful moments left over! We edit these moments from your getting ready and portrait session to a song.

Ceremony & Reception:

We film your entire ceremony and reception is edited as it happened to the live event recorded audio. We setup a camera on a tripod for a static angle of the couple, while our cinematographer is mobile to capture the most interesting angles. We also record audio from various recorders and sync them up in the editing room. Your ceremony & reception sections are edited between both cameras, audio mixed and color graded. It is edited as close to real time as possible (with some tightening here and there to keep it moving at an entertaining pace). The ceremony and reception sections include your entire ceremony and main events from your reception such as introductions, first dance, parent dances, speeches and cake cutting.

The final part of the reception section is possibly the most fun part of the film. It’s all of the awesome dancing moments that didn’t make it into your Cinematic Wedding Film. We edit these dancing shots to a fun dance song to cap of the night!

All of the sections are  color graded so your entire Documentary Film has our creative and cohesive look.

How do you deliver our films and photos?

We deliver your High Resolution photos and your film at their highest quality (High Definition) online and on a USB drive. With this digital delivery format for your films and photos, you can copy the files to other USB drives as well share them with your family and friends.

Where are you based? Do you travel?

We’re based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

We love to travel and explore. We’re game to travel all over the world to be a part of your wedding, elopement or adventure session. We offer a sweet Photography/Cinematography collection with just the two of us (Jennifer capturing Photos and Tom capturing Video), so we are able to travel light and provide extensive coverage. We are always up for an adventure with you!

What gear do you use?

For both cinematography and photography, we use Canon 5D Mark IV’s and 6D DSLR’s, a variety of lenses, and a Sony A7s for an additional video angle.

Our cameras are small so we do not draw a lot of attention. We don’t use big lights when filming your day. Our cameras and lenses allow us to capture footage in low light situations.

We also use professional audio equipment to record audio from your ceremony and reception main events.