Wow can’t believe it’s been a year since we did this! And we just broke 30,000 views on Youtube! The comments have just been amazing and make us so very happy that we did it! We still remember when Sigur Rós first announced the contest…we were in the busiest part of wedding season and we wondered how we could pull it off. We had an idea from our feature length screenplay that’s in the works and decided to base the film around a scene. We had previously filmed Yanna & Tim’s wedding and had lots of coverage of them hanging out in addition to the wedding–it was perfect! And thankfully, they said yes to being part of this film 🙂 Next was to find the future version of Yanna and we didn’t have to look around at all. Suzanne Inman was perfect for this role. She was an actress from both of Tom’s feature films. We told her about and she gladly accepted to be part of it.

We had no budget and also hardly any time. We shot at Suzanne’s home (she picked her own dress too!) for about 3 hours. Then we shot with Yanna & Tim for about the same amount of time. We didn’t have any time to location scout so we just drove around until we found a spot 🙂 As we were driving home after the shoot, we just happened to look over and see the best old house! We pulled over and walked past the do not enter signs and got the shot (from the opening scene).

Thank you all again for your support during the contest…although we didn’t win, we appreciated each and everyone of you for trying to get us there! And course, a big thanks to Yanna & Tim & baby Tyler, without them we wouldn’t have this beautiful film to look back on 🙂

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